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Thread: Wait or Buy MBP?

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    Wait or Buy MBP?
    I want a MBP and I should have the money by or before the end of March and I don't know if I should wait for them to launch OS X 10.5... You any of you think its just going to be the OS that will change or some of the other specs too...? I don't know if I should buy it in March and then just upgrade to OS X 10.5 later or wait until they launch OS X 10.5

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    answer these two questions and you'll know:
    1. Do you need a new computer?
    2. Can your afford said new computer?

    When you can answer both with a yes, then you should buy your new computer.
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    I say get it when you can. You will be able to upgrade anyways, right?

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    i say buy it if you NEED it now. if you really dont, just wait a month, maybe 2. i dont think itll be long now before leapord/new mbp are out.
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    Waiting would be a good idea if it is a finacial issue and depending on your current situation and needs.

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    I work at a large electronics retail store and the "close-out" date specified in our system on the current MB Pro is 4/30. New models are usually available around this time, if not earlier. That would give the current model a six month life span, sounds about right for them to upgrade the hardware along with Leopard. I plan on waiting until then myself. I would only get it now if you really need it.

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    i guess i'll wait until mid april and see what happens...

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