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    Using a USA MacBook in the UK issues?

    I just bought a MacBook Pro from the USA and its being sent to me in the UK. I was wondering whether I could just put a plug adaptor on the power pack or I would need to buy a UK power pack.

    I am quite worried that I would use a plug adaptor then fry my brand new MacBook.

    I am totally new to mac as I was fed up with windose so the next few months should be interesting.:dive:

    Any help on this would be appriciated.
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    Poer adapter

    On the bottom of the power adapter (when you get it) it should have details of the power outut and input the adapter can handle. If it says 100-200 volt, you should be fine, as this means the adpater can handle an input ranging from 100 Volts (American output) ro 240 Volts (UK output).

    In my estimation, you should be fine to use the power adapter with a UK power lead. However, you may need to go to an Apple store either physically or online to purchase the UK plug adapter and extension lead as it will most likely come with a US plug socket.

    If in any more doubt, I would ring or go to an Apple store and double check with them that this will be ok.

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    No problem - it works both ways, just buy the relevant plug adaptor.

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