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    Disk Partitioning Help
    So, I just recently deleted Windows XP and I deleted my partition on my MacBook, and I'm making it bigger, so I go to boot camp to partition my drive. I make it 30 GB then I get an error that says it cannot copy some files, so I restarted to close everything and make sure nothing was interfering, and I ran it again but it froze, and I was forced to restart, and now it's telling me I have a 45 GB hard drive, but I originally have 75 GB. It's not showing any other disks in the disk utility. On the activity monitor it doesn't even show the mysterious 30 GB that I just lost. Does anyone know what to do?

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    I don't know if this will work, but try opening the boot camp assistant, and if there is the option to "restore the startup disk to a single volume" then try that.

    Make sure you have a backup just in case, because boot camp is beta software
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