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Thread: iBook won't shut down

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    iBook won't shut down
    Hi, my 12' G4 1.33 ghz ibook is acting kind of wierd. It won't shut down. I've tried numerous times to shut it down, but nothing happens. All of my applications are closed and I can't seem to find out why it won't shut down. Maybe I'm just missing something today, I don't know. Any advice??


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    If it won't shut down through all the normal means. Then press and hold the power button to force shut down.
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    check out activity monitor and check to see if anything is running that you cant see....try to 'quit process' on any process you know should not be running
    if that doesnt work go into terminal and type: "killall (insert application name)"

    for example if your dock is frozen you type: killall Dock

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