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    Macbook Charger
    I would like to get a spare charger for my Macbook - where is the best place to get one here in the UK (I'm not near a retail store!), and also should it be a 60W or 80W ???? Whats the difference (Yes, I know its 20W!!!)

    I have seen some on eBAY, but wanted to check first.



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    i always wondered if the 80w would hurt the mb.

    i dont think it would, because the laptop pulls whatever it needs from it. if you have a mb, id still just get the 60w. they are around 70$ direct from apple here in the states...ebay maybe 50ish.

    id really like to have just the extension cord. ive seen a couple on ebay, but none as of now.
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    I think the 80W ones are for MacBook Pros - but not sure on that.

    I've only seen the 60Ws in use on MacBooks (mine and a couple at PC World)

    As for where to buy them - if they're genuine then I don't see why buying them from eBay would be a problem. Apples' online store obviously sells them and I pretty sure I've seen them at John Lewis.

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