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    Unhappy Spilled coffee important keys not working
    Hi all,
    A few weeks ago I spilled coffee on my IBook, fortunately it didn't kill my laptop, but now a number of important keys are dead (period, question mark, delete, etc)

    I also need to get a new battery I've had this IBook since January 2005

    My question is, is it worth fixing or should I consider buying a fancy new MacBook

    BTW, I live in NYC and it seems that IBook repair is a lot more expensive here

    I appreciate any advice, thanks all!

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    I'd say you're going to spend about $100 on a battery. If you don't replace it yourself, I'd guess about $200 for a keyboard replacement. The new Macbooks running Intel processors should be an order of magnitude faster than the G4-powered machines. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably opt for a new Macbook and see what the iBook will fetch on eBay "as is".

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    Battery and keyboard
    Just to let you know its always cheaper if you check in at the apple store for returned batterys at their clearence tables by the checkout counters. These batterys have nothing wrong with them, noobs just tend to buy extra hardware to make sure they won't have any future issues, and often return these extra items, just a few months ago I went by one of the clearence tables and picked up a new ibook battery for about 45.99$US at a clearence table as a backup, and ended up needing to use it as a replacement, I've been using this battery for about 2 months now and have had no problems with it. But I would make sure that you check that the numbers on the battery match the sticker on the box as often people buy the new batteries and put their old battery in the box and return them to rip off sales and get a new battery, free of charge.

    For the keyboard I would check out ebay. Seems to be the best place I've found to get replacement parts. Other people may have better suggestions for where to get replacement parts, but so far ebay has been the most inexpensive solution.

    Hope this helped, just trying to give you a few ideas on inexpensive ways to upgrade or repair.

    (If I got anything incorrect or you know of a better way please let me know, I'm glad to get information that may help me help others better.)

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    it depends on what ibook you have. if you have one of the last in the ibook line (1.33ghz or 1.42ghz) then i wouldn't upgrade just yet. of course i probably would have more reason not to than you. i like have a dedicated video card (even if it is on the low end) and i like being able to replace my keyboards if needed. i also like the fact that you can upgrade the machine simply by lifting up the keyboard (i don't know why but i like it better that way).
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    yea i would buy a new keyboard off of ebay like this one:
    and also, i would suggest investing in a Keyboard protector like this, so it never happens again:
    as for getting a macbook, i would wait about 6 months, because apple will most likely bump the processor speeds if not release a new model.
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