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    This is my first post here so: HI!
    I've came here because of a devasting problem I've had with my MB.
    One Day I left my MB turn on all night in the morning I tried to use it again but It was like freeze so I turned it off (holding the power button) and I left.
    In the afternoon when I wanted to use it again, a folder icon with a question mark on it appeared, after a while it turns off.
    I've tried everything it says on the apple support page and it's not working.
    I have try to boot from the Mac Osx DVD and trying like to reinstalling but I get no HD showing.
    I use Disk Utility and the only thing it displays is: Ma****a DVD (No HD either)
    I don't know what's the problem.

    another thing! After the normal white screen (when you turn it on) a weird noise(like a ta-ta-ta-ta) comes from the HD(I guess).

    Please HELP!

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    From your description it appears you may have lost the drive. If you are still under the Apple warranty, take it in and have it fixed.
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