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    Timbuk2 Commuter Large, does it fit MBP 15'
    Ok so I have just made the switch and I love my new MBP 15". Now I would like to get I nice bag for it. I have read the threads and I am trying to decide between the Marware Sportfolio Deluxe and the Timbuk2 Commuter. I like them both but I kind of like the more laid back look of the Timbuk2.

    Anyway, after reading the threads and looking at Timbuk2's website, I am still not sure that my MBP 15" will fit comfortably into the Commuter, large size, bag. I would kind of hate to have to get the XL as I don't need that much space. From reading some of the posts, it seems that the large might be too tight.

    Does anyone own the Timbuk2 Commuter in the large size? If so, does the MBP 15" fit? I guess i should just make my life simpler and purchase the Marware. But I do kink of like the Timbuk2.

    Any info is appreciated!

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    mine fit in my timbuk2 track, inside an incase fine.

    i think the track is smaller than what youre looking @
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    is this the one you're talking about? if so, the answer would seem to be yes. otherwise, they should have interior dimensions you can use as a guide. if not, i'm sure a quick call to a company like timbuk2 will get you your answer with no problems.

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    I saw that one on here during my search. I think that one is a slightly different model and is likely the xl size. I know mine would fit in the XL size as that is setup for the 17" MBP. But that bag is larger overall and I would prefer to avoid it.

    I am interested in the large size as it is a closer fit. According to Timbuk2, the large is just slightly shorter than the 14" width of the MBP. However, it seems that some folks use this bag anyway. I am curious as to just how tight it is. I like like the bag, and would prefer the smaller size (large vs xl), but I don't want to have to wrestle the computer in and out of the bag. I wanted to try to get someones real world experience as customer service might not actually have ever used the bag.

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