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Thread: Macbook Hard drive question

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    Macbook Hard drive question
    I have a black MB with 120 gq harddrive. I have had it for about 2 months and it says I only have about 75 gigs of storage available. To my knowledge I have only used 17-18 gigs. How much of the harddrive is already taken up with preinstalled programs? Thanks for the help.

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    16 views and no one that can help? I know you guys on here are better than that.

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    Depending on what you have loaded you can have any where from 3 to 5 GBs. Hopefully some will come along and correct this if needed. As for file using space, there are applications you can use to tell you how much spacing you are using. Like Disk Inventory and Where is my disk space to name a few.
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    When I got my 60gig macbook, it was actually 55.7gigs and 36gigs with all factory apps. installed. I think the 120gig only turns out to be 111gigs or so. Anyway, I took off grageband and all trial software, fonts, language packs, printer drivers, and other stuff and was able to retrieve somewhere between 8 and 12 gigs. I'm not sure exactly how much because I was loading music on at the same time. Between iwork trial, keynote and printer drivers, I got back almost 3gigs. So there is a butt ton of stuff on there that you probably don't need.

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