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    DVD player and HD question...
    I just purchased a brand new MacBook Pro, 15-inch 2.15GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. I was testing out the DVD player and noticed that it said it supported HD. I was just wondering if that meant it could play the new HD movies? I also stumbled across a few sites online that said that it could play BlueRay as well. I don't know if this i true or not?

    So can i play HD movies and Blue-Ray movies? I don't want to buy those expensive movies to have them not work. THANKS

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    NO. Don't buy Blu-Ray or HDDVD discs. They won't play on your MBP.

    I'm sure they [Apple] just mean that the Apple DVD Player software can read DVDs with HD content (which don't play in most home DVD players). Most (all Hollywood) DVDs aren't in true HD (1920x1080), they are encoded to play at 480p and can be upconverted to 1080i until you get bad tearing and jaggies.

    If you shoot HD content on your own, edit it, burn it to a disk with no conversion, Apple DVD Player will be able to play it, but most home DVD players will not.

    Confusing, I know, but such is technology.

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