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    Switching and considering iBook
    I'm currently and have been a PC user since I got my hands on a spanking new Pentium 100 in 96 and I'm considering the OS X as my next buy. I also have a bunch of questions that I hope you guys can help me answer;

    First of all, I would like to know the Intel/AMD counterpart of the 800mhz G4. This won't affect my buying decision at all because I'm used to "slow" processors. My primary computer runs on a 600 Celeron; it runs fine even with PS7, Winamp, PSP and on average 4 browser windows open. Ram is only 256 pc100 BTW.

    My next question deals with the Power Supply. I plan to use my pen tablet (Wacom Grapphire 3) with the iBook and I was wondering if the batteries alone can handle it. I don't mind shorter battery life but as long as the hardware works/responds nicely then it's all good.

    Third question; Does the Apple Retail Stores give educational discounts? I would prefer to buy directly instead of have it shipped to me. The stores are pretty close too.

    Finally question; is AppleCare worth the extra $250? It took me quite awhile to save up to where I am (about $100 dollars needed) ? I'll definitely be carrying the iBook around so maybe it will be best to get it- but I'd like to hear some thoughts as saving up another $250 is going to take awhile.

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    1) from what I understand....double mac processor speeds, and that's about the intel/amd counterpart. G4 chips are built on a different mhz don't mean a thing.

    2) You're definently going to experience shorter battery life....shouldn't be horrilbe.....but you shouldn't have any problems with hardware responses.

    3) I asked the apple retail store in chicago, and they said yes they do take educational discounts right in the store. Be sure and bring some kind of a student ID.

    4) I have yet to buy applecare. I've thought about it one or two times...but after spending all my money on my powerbook and ain't none left, and won't be for a long long long time. I've had no problems with my mac yet; then agian I've only had it three months. If you can, I say go for it...the worst that happens in you have your computer for five years and have no then the 250 bucks won't even matter. I'm not buying it...but if I could have work it out in the beginning, I would have. But I also have faith in my mac, and beleive it won't die.

    hope this helps

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    There are several other threads here that have some good info on this topic as well. While I don't have time to search for them at the moment, you should be able to find them pretty easily.

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