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    setting second disaply as default for apps

    I have my trusted MBP and to my right my trusty 20" cinema display. All works thoroughly nicely thank you very much... just a couple of tweaks I need to know if I can do?

    1. Can I set up app to start on the cinema display by default. They tend to start on my MBP display.
    2. After I have moved an app over to the cinema display any prompts come up on the MBP display.

    3. A little not related - I have a network disk which I conenct to on startup - how can I stop the finder displaying? I have ticked it in startup options to hide but it doesn't!



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    Open System Preferences. Click the "Display" button. Choose "Arrangement" tab.

    You should see two blue rectangles representing your displays. Atop the Macbook's representation, you'll see a white bar - drag that over to the Cinema Display. This makes your Cinema Display your default monitor.
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