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Thread: Connecting 2 20" TFT Monitors to a Macbook Pro

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    Connecting 2 20" TFT Monitors to a Macbook Pro
    As a web-developer I've been using the pc for the better part of my career. Recently a couple of my colleagues with Macs kind of got me hooked on getting myself a Mac as well and even switching from my trustworthy desktop to a powerful notebook solution. For me, it's kind of like walking into a hairdresser' and demanding they shave off my hair (and in the end doing it myself), but then without the psychological problems. In any case a big change.

    So I'm waiting for March or April to get myself one of those suggested new 15" MacBook Pros with the whole LED screen thing.

    Half a year back I also bought myself two nice Samsung 20" monitors which are currently connected to my desktop.

    I know I'll be able to connect at least one of them to my MacBook (I like to have my code on the left and my browsers on the right), but what about two of them ?

    I read someplace that the new MacBook Pro's are able to connect to a 30" screen, so theoretically the thing should be able to connect to two other ones right ?

    Or am I wrong ? Has anyone got experiences with this ?

    The alternative is that I settle for the two display setup and give one of my screens to the girlfriend (which would perhaps be the sensible thing to do). But the prospect of having my Macbook in the middle and enjoying a three screen solution kind of makes my geek-adrenaline boil.

    (I could of course also throw out the two screens and just settle for the one Macbook display + the proposed Spaces in Leopard - But then I'd feel less like Jean Luc Picard on the bridge of the enterprise)

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    It has a dual-link DVI which isn't to be confused with dual dvi ports. As far as I know, there are no products in the mainstream market that will do this. I have looked myself and have not found any.

    Good luck with your search.

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    This might do the trick
    I found this just now :

    Although I might want to ask myself wether I'd want to wager paying 350$ for 3 screens, while Leopard's Spaces will offer me 4 virtual ones.

    In any case. Cheers for the feedback. I guess the girlfriend will get her second screen as soon as them new MBP's start hitting the shelves.

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    this product works depending on the specs of the screens you currently have:

    this product is designed for true dual screens. I believe the product you foud will simply put the exact same image on two separate monitors so it defeats the purpose of working on two monitors.

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