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Thread: Broken Macbook

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    Broken Macbook
    Ok so heres the deal.

    My girlfriend dropped her macbook (dont ask me how) yesterday and popped off the display. She lives in another state, so I have not seen it, but she says that it doesnt look like it can be fixed by anyone but apple. The connection wires and stuff are still in tact so it is operable, but still needs to be fixed. It is still under the 1 year warranty, so should I call apple and get her to ship it off to them? Any suggestions? Again, I have not seen it, so i really dont know how bad it is. Thanks in advance.

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    well, you never know just how bad the damage is.

    but apple doesn't cover accidental damage.

    she will have to pay for the damage, but apple will make sure it works properly if it can be repaired - it just may cost a lot of money.
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    Owch, that's terrible. Personally, I'd quickly drop myself off of a roof if I did that to my macbook .

    Seriously though, that really stinks and I'm sorry. God speed to you when dealing with Apple for this issue.

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