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    Weird popping sounds
    I've been experiencing weird popping sounds whenever sound is played. This occurs through both the headphones jack and the speakers. Any ideas? This doesn't happen in OS 9.


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    adam taylor
    absolutley sure it doesnt happen in os9? or has it happened since you upgraded? sounds like mp3 corruption? im new to macs but is there a library of preinstalled sounds like pc sound themes that you can try? that might highlight a hardware or software issue depending on whether you gert the same pops in those tracks>?

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    I've heard a few things about that. For the most part I've heard it's really nothing to worry about...possible the hardrive making more noise as it gets mroe full. I don't know for sure though..that's just what I have heard...I think

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    Ever since upgrading to Panther, I experience occasional "popping" noises from the speakers when running on battery power.

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    a) I wish it were just my mp3s. As I stated, the noise occurs when sounds are being played on battery power. It's an off and on thing too.

    b) Eh, it's not the harddrive . I'm on an iBook, but I'm not totally new to computing. I know the difference between a spinning harddrive and a the sound i'm experiencing. Thanks for the suggestion though. Everything is appreciated.

    c) Maybe it's an issue w/ the iBook then.... We'll have to see.


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