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    OK I have a powerbook G4 and I forgot the admn password. Believe it or not, I actually used to remember it (heh heh) when I last used the laptop about 2 years ago. I do have the original discs though. I have read up on resetting the password. I was relieved to find out the process of resetting the admin password is simply enough as it was explained, but that just doesn't happen to me when I tried it.

    I put in the install CD and clicked on Install Mac OS X (10.3.4) icon and the restart screen comes up (strictly by the book). Stevie is my Hero. I click on "RESTART" and DUH!!!!! it asks me for the password I am trying to "RESET"!!!!!!! LOL Thank you very much StevieBoy. Genius loves company.

    If I can get some help with this, and how to FIX my problem to reset my admin password, I would really appreciate it, otherwise I am going to donate my brain to science (while I'm still alive) since it's doing me no good up to this point. LOL

    Thank you

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    Read up on it some more.
    After reading up on this some more, I was able to reset my admin password. Everyone here is so in love with me now, that I feel like an Oscar Myer Weiner.

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