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    Memory spec/info...
    I have a 'mid 2005' model G4 iBook - 12 inch screen - 1.33mhz - 512mb ram. I want more memory. Will I notice a great difference between adding either 512mb or 1gb to my machine? Is the following info all I need spec-wise to ensure I get the right kind of memory? Thanks

    DDR/333 200 Pin PC2700 SO-DIMM (either 512mb or 1gb)

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    Go for the 1 Gb module, you only have one socket in that machine - if you put in the 512, then you'd have to pull it out to go to the 1 Gb later. Ultimately having more RAM will pay off.

    The PC2700 specification is correct as far as it goes, however it is best to choose a reputable dealer who tests and guarantees compatibility with your model iBook, has a lifetime warranty, and a no-cost return for replacement or refund if it doesn't work
    (unlike some major discounters who don't guarantee compatibility and then stick you for shipping and restocking if you want a refund)


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    Thanks CanadaRAM

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