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Thread: Memory Problem

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    Memory Problem
    Hi Everybody

    I am new to the forum, but have a strange problem after upgrading the memory in my Powerbook G4 1.67Mhz laptop.

    Last week I bought 2 x 1Gb PC5300 DDR667 memory sticks from Crucial. When they arrived I replaced the existing 2 x 512Mb PC4200 sticks and fitted the new PC5300 sticks.

    Restarted the laptop, and looked at the System Profiler, laptop recognized I now had 2Gb of RAM fitted. I then went into "More Details" and was horrified to notice that the new memory was showing up as PC3200-288....!!!!!

    Phoned Crucial, who suggested trying just 1 stick of the new memory, which again read as PC3200-288. I then fitted 1 of each, 1x1Gb and 1x512Mb and the same again 1Gb read as PC3200-288, but the old 512Mb read as PC4200.

    I wrote to Crucial showing a screenshot of the problem, and they say it must be a System Profiler error, and that the memory will be running at the PC4200 speeds.

    I am not sure whether I would be better off fitting the 1Gb (2 x 512Mb) of PC4200 running at what I think was 444, or leaving the 2Gb of PC5300, which read as PC3200-288 (which would be faster for day to day, low intensity working?)

    Has anybody else encountered this problem at all? I went for what Crucial said was a compatible upgrade (they suggested either PC4200 or PC5300 would be OK on their webpage), but was thinking of future-proofing myself for if I decide to go for a MacBook Pro later this year, as the memory fitted to them is the PC5300.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    I would request an exchange of memory, if they don't want to do this. The a return and refund is in order. I have never used cruical, so I don't know how their service is. I purchase my additional 2GBs of memory from Other World Computing. What I find strange is company say they care about good/quality customer support, but show or act like it.
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    Hi rman

    Thanks for the response to my post.

    Crucial have offered to exchange the memory out for the PC4200, but if the PC5300 is running at maximum bus speed, but System Profiler is just mis-reading the sticks, then I may as well stick with what I have I guess?

    I guess that unless I run a test program to ascertain the speed of the 2 configurations (any suggestions on a suitable program?) then I have to rely on what I am told by Crucial and the members of the forum?

    Thanks again


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