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Thread: Ram that works

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    Ram that works
    No one was answering me in the other Ram thread so I figured no one looked at it anymore, I was just wondering if you guys would think this ram would work fine in my MBP Core Duo. It's pretty cheap so I didn't know if I should go with this brand.

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    newegg is known for good prices.. I have bought ram from them for my PB and have never had an issue.. Its been in my PB for 12 months now.. So my personal experence with newegg so far has been good.

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    Yea I think I'll just go ahead and get it. I read a lot of reviews on it and there were a lot of Macbook/Macbook Pro owners that said it works flawlessly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by todd51 View Post
    No one was answering me in the other Ram thread so I figured no one looked at it anymore,
    Nobody has answered you yet, but you only posted that less than three hours before you started a new thread. You have to give people some time to answer, my friend. Forums aren't a place for immediate respsonses. :black:

    Since you got an answer, I will remove your other post in that thread.
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    I use that same ram in my macbook (It was $30 more when I got it) and it works fine
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    In my MBP manual, it says DDR SO-DIMM, 1.25 inch or smaller, 512MB or 1GB, 200-pin, and PC2-5300 DDR@ 667 MHz Type Ram. Therefore this ram should work. If you get it let us know how it works out. I've never heard of "G.Skill" do they make quality products?

    When I asked about my first ram purchase a lot of people said "you get what you pay for." So I got crucial ram for ~$105 from newegg.

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    Well so far it's been one day and it hasn't even been boxed and shipped yet.

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    Finally it shipped! I can't wait, I've never experienced 1Gb of ram before in a personal computer, let alone 1.5Gb.

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    My experience with G Skill ram has been good , but this is being used in a pc. The one thing I found kind of wierd is that the chips were actually manufactured in 1999 or so the program I used said. It still works flawlessly in my gaming PC. No problems what so ever.

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    Good, I'm sure it should work fine, there were reviews from Macbook and MBP owners on the newegg site.

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    thing to remember when you purchase ram: it must have a lifetime warantee...not because it goes bad but because that means it is a reputable company that is selling it.

    also you have to remember that you need the correct ram but that is a given. i have heard that g.skill is pretty decent and reliable. i am a kingston guy myself....i own about 10 gigs of ram across 5 different computers and it is all kingston
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    Well just got done installing my new 1Gb stick of G-Skill memory. So far it's working flawlessly (knock on wood). The Mac booted up just fine and OSX recognized it!

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