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Thread: help plz

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    help plz
    well im not sure where to put this so if i post it wrong plz let a mod move it to the right spot...........thanks.......

    well here it goes i bout this ibook g4 from a dude in the street and i am gussing
    he took it from a school pc it got 3 log ins docsomething and then student and then techer i will like to know how can i format it and put in os x if i can its a ibook 12.1 1.2ghz 512/30/combo/apx- i do got a mac os x cd version 10.0 in hand and i did try to do the c thing at start up and no luck anyhelp is welcome and thanks

    ps this is my frist mac

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    You can't just pop in any random CD. To reinstall OS X, you need the original disc, or a disc that's made for iBook G4. I believe the iBook G4, when released, already was in the panther era (anyone correct me here).. so you need at least OS 10.3 - which will be on that original disc.

    BTW, punctuation marks are your friend.
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    By buying this from this guy:

    1- you just encouraged theft

    2- if the school reports the laptop as stolen, you won't be able to take it anywhere to get it fixed as it will be on a list

    3- never buy a Mac without its install disks.

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    My advice?
    Learn to write.
    Don't buy stolen gear.

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