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    Installed new what?
    I just installed 2GB of RAM. When I turned on my Macbook there was no message saying that there was new RAM installed. When I go to "About this MAC" it says that there is 2GB of RAM. Since it says that I assume I did it correctly? Is that all I have to do...?

    I haven't noticed any difference in the way it operates...


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    yep, enjoy!
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    You will notice the difference with a lot of different programs open, or while doing anything memory intensive, like video or photo editing, etc.. For me when I upgraded to 2 Gb from 1, I noticed just about everything ran a bit faster.

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    Yeah, that's it. Did you expect an Installation Wizard guiding you through the setup process, showing you ugly GIFs of some weird-looking hardware card, yellow exclamation marks and "Finish" buttons :-).

    OS X can't "know" that you've installed new RAM, because it runs on it. Simlarly, OS X isn't going to congratulate you for exchanging the processor. It's like you knowing about God, who just got upgraded. Sorry for the blasphemous analogy.

    BTW, enjoy 2GB. Roxx.
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    Here, do this:

    Put the original RAM back into the Macbook, boot it up. Now launch fifty Safari windows with five tabs in each. Point 'em at all different sites (CNN, here,, slashdot, etc.) Then launch iTunes. Play a song.

    Now shut down (if you can) and re-install the 2GB RAM. Do the same thing.

    You'll probably see a difference.


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    where did you get the Ram? does more expensive Ram work better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesx View Post
    does more expensive Ram work better?
    Of course it does. Everything that costs more is better. :black:

    Seriously, it makes no difference. So long as the RAM meets the requirements, it will work fine, no matter what it costs.
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    Take my Canon Digital camera for instance ... I was in the market for my mode when it was seling for $500AUS [not original price]. No doubt it was originally more expensive when it first came out ... I picked it up for $399AUS ... then a couple of months later it was selling for $299AUS. All this in the space of 6mths too! You get what you pay for is starting to sound hollow ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y View Post
    Of course it does. Everything that costs more is better. :black:

    Seriously, it makes no difference. So long as the RAM meets the requirements, it will work fine, no matter what it costs.
    sorry for hijacking this thread...but i figured we were kind of on the same page.

    lol, ok. i didn't really know. i have seen a few different places that sell it and some have a price variance of $150. where is a good place online that sells good hardware for a mac...(c2d macbook).

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    Always buy RAM that has a lifetime warranty: if it dies suddenly you will get a free replacement.

    I like Other World Computing. I bought RAM from theme a few years back and they are very nice, efficient and service is fast.

    Others might recommend Crucial. You see RAMJET advertised a lot but I personally never bought from them.

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