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    Dropped Macbook, need help!
    Okay, last night I accidentaly dropped my Macbook, and after restarting it everything seemed fine. I went to bed, and this morning I try to start it up, and after the grey screen with the apple and the little spining thing at the bottom, I get to a black screen with a white cursor in the top left. After spending an hour or so trying to restart (I tried Command-Option-P-R which didn't seem to do anything), I managed to get to the login screen. I logged in and found a few of my application icons had changed to something really weird. Some had random photos as icons and others had icons of different applications. I restarted a few times and the icon issue seemed to be resolved. So next I tried to get onto the internet to research my problem, but neither firefox nor safari would work. Next I downloaded the latest updates for my laptop, and after I finished I had to restart. So I restarted, and I'm back to the black screen with the white cursor. More restarting, and I get to another black screen where it says things like

    No airport driver found
    exited abnormally: Bad system call
    respawning too quickly! throttling
    5 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal
    will restart in 10 seconds

    and a few times I've seen something like this-
    localhoast:/ I have no name!#

    A few more things-
    The grey screen with the apple and the spining thing sometimes takes forever to get through, like 5 to 10 minutes.
    The fall wasn't that high, and there's no external damage such as dents scratches or a cracked screen.

    Is my hard drive shot? Is there any way to get my files? Do I need to reinstall OS X or take it to an Apple store?

    Sorry for such a long post, but I tried to give you the most amount of info to work with. Thanks for your time, and any and all sugestions and help.


    (I think I put the wrong thread prefix)

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Jefenry!

    Sorry to say this but I don't think you can solve this by software (reinstalling the OS). Sounds to me like some hardware component is going bad or something.

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    when in doubt, ask the guys at the apple store!

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    leave the "i dropped it" part out until its time to fess up
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    I'm sure there's some solution following kgeier82 advice; something inside the Mac must have broke down when it hit the ground although there are no visible scratches.
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