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    Feb 16, 2007
    New iBook - 39Gigs full - of 40gigs! WTF??
    New iBook G4-
    transferred selected files/apps from my iMac via firewire per startup choice when initially booting up iBook (its 1 day old)
    Now the iBook's HD is stuffed to all but 700Mb!!
    Yeah, I was selective about what to transfer (I thought) - so get this:
    I did a "get info" (to check file sizes) on each of the icons the ibook's HD presents when you click it open:
    Documents : 1.71 Gigs
    Applications: 7.31 Gigs
    Utilities: 405 Mb
    Applications OS9 - This one the computer couldn't find! (??)
    Pictures: 112 Kb
    Music: 6Mb
    Maureen (this is our Home file, if that is the correct term- is wifey): 2.43 gigs
    Total is, what? 11Gigs!
    So where did the rest of the 28Gigs go????? Even if I can't get the OS 9
    Apps file to open, there is NO WAY it was 28Gigs in size (the original iMac OS9 Apps file is 310 Mb!)
    How do I unclog all the drive space? And even if I just wipe the drive and start from scratch - how do I get files over from iMac without ending up full again? (and also - why can't I find the contents of the Applications OS9 file?)
    Many thanks in advance-
    Stu Aull
    stumped in Alaska

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    Remember - the iBook wasn't empty when you got it:

    OS X itself plus all the iLife apps can take up a couple of (8 or so I think), and your harddrive doesn't actually have 40GB when formatted - it's more like 36 I believe.

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    My ibook had maybe 29GB free on it when I got it. It's at 23 GB now. What iMac was this you copied the files from?

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    Feb 16, 2007
    Hi guys- thanks for quick response-
    When I click "command-i" (Get Info) on the iBook HD it sez:
    Capacity: 37.14 Gigs
    Available: 794.1 MB (!!!)
    Used: 36.36 Gigs
    I figure (using "get info") the total capacity of what we dumped over from our desktop iMac G4 to the iBook is about 15Ggs (unless a TON of "secret" files comes along with it all??). So what else is clogging this up?? Surely there wasn't almost TWENTY gigs of software pre-loaded from Apple?!

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    That's weird. I have a 250Gb drive (232Gb formatted, 174Gb free) and when I open HD and get the sizes of library, applications, users etc it all adds up to the 58Gb I have apparently used.

    Try deleting unneeded languages. You can gain a couple of gigabytes with this program:

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