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    Making drawings permanent on MacBook Pro case
    I was wondering if there is any good way to draw on a macbook pro. I have a bunch of different kinds of markers, but I'm assuming they won't work very well. I think spray paint would be kind of difficult as well. I also think a lot of stuff would probably get chipped off or flake off or something. I was wondering if perhaps I could put scratches in it and then pain into the scratches (I am thinking of some art forms that use similar techniques). I am sure, however, that some of you have better ideas?

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    Create a drawing, upload it to and they'll put it on a sticker perfectly suited for your MBP.

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    wow, awesome. The site doesn't seem to answer certain questions, tho... like ideal dpi or how one could make part of the sticker clear?

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    How about a hard case?
    You can try Hard plastic case at Macbook Pro Case

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