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    Please help, PB keyboard related issues
    Hi, I have a 12" G4 Powerbook

    About 2 months ago my F4 and F5 (volume up and down) buttons randomly stopped working. No big deal, I wasn't particularly fussed.

    Now, as of this morning I have found out my R, T and C buttons have stopped working, along with the 5,6 and 7 keys. The main problem is.. I can't log on to my PB as my admin password contains an R twice. I can't see any water damage, there is no apparent muck/fluff etc under or near the key.

    I can't do the thing where I would boot it as a hardrive and transfer files onto another laptop via Firewire.. as that requires the T button. And any password resetting techniques I can find on the internet require one of the broken keys at some point.

    So.. can I just plug a USB keyboard (this one perhaps - ) in without any sort of CD installation so I can type my password, log on and save my latest music/photos/files before sending it off for a new keyboard/repair.

    Before you say it, I have backed up most of my stuff to a Lacie drive, but its only 80GB, and filled up a while ago, and there is important uni work on my laptop I need to rescue.

    Any help appreciated!

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    any usb keyboard should work.
    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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