Ok, I have searched and find that many people have been having problems with their MBP not waking from sleep.

It seems that I have the opposite problem. I have a 17" MBP and after closing the lid, it won't stay asleep. It will come back on and the light on the front still pulses... It will happen with just the smallest movement or possibly none at all. I have already made sure that my bluetooth mouse is turned off and everything but it doesn't seem to matter.

I thought that someone may have some advice. It seems that I will have to call apple again for service.

I also have one other question... The hinge on this computer seems very loose. If you tilt the computer up on your lap, the screen just falls shut. I mentioned this before to apple, but I got it back and it's the same, so I don't know if that's just normal for the 17" but my PB is very tight feeling.

Thanks for your help guys!