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    Any way to disable screen dimming?
    I've had my MBP for a few weeks now and I've noticed that after leaving the computer idle for just a minute or maybe two the screen dims slightly. This happens whether I have the wall adapter plugged in or just run off the battery. I don't mind this happening when I'm running off the battery, but when the wall adapter is plugged in it kind of bugs. I went into the display settings and chose the "custom" option to specify times for screen savers, shutting of the display, etc., but the screen still dims. Is this something that just can't be changed or am I just not looking in the right spot? I'm still very much a mac newb.

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    try going into your system preferences and going to energy saver.. you should be able to fix that via my suggestion.

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    My mistake. That's where I was changing the options... not in display settings. I must be missing some very small detail.

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    Had same issue with mine when I got it, was a real PITB, took me several tries, but think this is the one that took care of it.

    System Preferences - Energy Saver

    Settings For: Options are Power Adapter and Battery
    Choose Power Adapter

    For Options: choose Custom -

    Below that is a dual button - Sleep and Options - click on Options

    Uncheck - Automatically reduce the brightness of the ..........

    Back on the first screen - I changed the option for Put the Computer to sleep to 'Never', think this one might have helped also, still goes to sleep when u close the lid. Also, increased the put monitor to sleep up to an hour.

    Can do the same for Battery also
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    Ok I just put the power adapter settings up to what you said. I had already unchecked the "automatically adjust brightness" option when the power adapter is plugged in so that wasn't it. It seems lame that they wouldn't put in an option to adjust that feature.

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