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    Jan 23, 2007
    Macbook protective stickers
    Anyone use them? As most of you probably know, the macbooks scratch very easily. I'm looking to buy a protective sticker to put on the outer lid to prevent any visible damage.

    That is a little expensive. Anyone know of other ones that hold up and aren't too expensive?

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    i have sheild zone on my white mac, an excellent product, comes pre cut and very protective i put my mac in my bag with the rest of my stuff and there is no scratches on it.
    If u do get it when u install it make sure you have good lighting in the room and dont wear any clothes that shed. I was wearing a black sweater and it decided to shed lint while i was puting the sheild zone on i have a few black lint here an there that are noticeable on a WHITE macbook.

    If your mac book is black which has a mat finish, the sheild zone will make it shiny ie you will loose the mat finish which to some people thats one of the reasons they got the black mac book. So if that is ur case and u like the mat finish try something else.

    there is a similar product i think called best skin which is slightly cheaper, search the forum i know it has been mentioned a couple of times .

    hope this helps.

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    Here's one of the cheaper versions.

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    I also have shield zone on my white MacBook, Well worth the money without a doubt, They protect the Macbook and at the same time don't detract from the clean design.

    I also had the problem with the lint but thats because I thought that some of the bubbles that were stuck under the shield wouldn't come out so I re applied it and got some lint under it in the process. I was surprised but even the large bubbles disappeared after a few days, and I am talking the size a of quarter

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    The InvisiShields are supposed to be the best. They use it on helicopter blades in the military. People have tried to stab the shield with a pen, and they couldn't puncture it.
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    InvisiShield is definitely fantastic. Well worth the money. But as mentioned above, applying it can be a bit of a chore, as to get a really clean finish you have to be pretty precise.

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