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    Need help with viewing pictures from my Sony digicam
    I'm new to Macs but I have a PC desktop and a Sony DSC-P93A digicam. When I hook up my camera to my desktop a little window pops up where I can select how I want to view the photos. I click open folder and the folder that has all the pictures opens and I can see each picture without having to click on it. When I connect my camera to my macbook it gives me the file name (which is usually a number) but theres only an icon and not the actual picture which means I have to go into each picture to see what it is. Is there a way that I can see the pictures, almost in a preview type setting?

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    Use iPhoto. It will show them all in a preview format, and let you import them.
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    G'day Lazarus & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Go to Finder>View>Show View Options and make sure there's a tick in the Show Icon Preview box

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    Thank you both. I will try these.

    Btw, can someone tell me how to get instant email notification for this forum?

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