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    867Mhz vs. 1Ghz 12"
    So I've settled on the 12 inch PowerBook G4. However, I just found out that Apple is offering a refurbished PowerBook G4 12" 867 Mhz for $1049, with 256MB RAM, 40GB, and combo drive. Do you think that this is a good deal? Are refurbished macs as good as new ones? What would be the benefit of buying a 1Ghz 12" PowerBook? Is 867Mhz that big of a deal, esp. with the price comparison? I'm also looking at getting a desktop Mac(probably a 1.25Ghz PowerMac G4 or 15"/17" iMac), so do you think that 867Mhz is good enough for a laptop equivalent? How do they compare, speedwise, etc.?

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    Refurbished items are pretty good deals IMO.

    You'll need to take into account the RAM and HD of the 1gHz model to make a fair comparison. Also compare your expansion options such as ports for USB 1 and 2, FireWire, 100-bit and gigabit ethernet, Airport and Airport Extreme.

    If your desktop will be your main Mac, and your portable just needs to handle "everyday"-type stuff (emails, surfing, word-processing, minor video/photo/music duties) you should be OK w/ the refurb. If you need to do the same stuff on both Macs, you may be well served by getting the newer model.

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    Personally I would still go with the 1ghz, because of the problems that plagued the Rev. A 12" powerbooks.

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