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    re-installing question
    Im about to sell my ibook, I think I have deleted everything BUT to be safe I am going to run the install disks for a new install so whoever buys it, gets it in out of the box condition, but I have a question :

    I got this brand new and sealed etc, and it runs Mac OS X 10.4.8 and those install cd's are supplied (2 discs), if I run these 2 install cd's will all the other software that should be on the ibook (according to the box) still be it after the install (i.e iLife, quicktime, ical, world book, marbleblast etc etc) OR will these programmes need to be installed seperatley. I only ask as I have seen some peoples Macs have extra software cd's like the iLife and World Book which I have not got, and I don't want to run the re-install if im going to loose all the programmes and not beable to get them back on the mac and therefor loosing sale potential etc

    Can anyone help? or confirm that if I run the disks it will be in out of the box condition that I received it in - IE all programmes on there and Airport etc working straight out the box?


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    Usually there are two install discs. Check the contents of the disc for the iLife suite. You definitely got it with the Mac.
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    If you do an "erase and install," it will install nearly everything that was on your iBook when you got it out of the box, including iLife.

    I say "nearly" because there are some programs that are on the original image that comes from the factory that aren't on the discs. These are mostly demo progams, though, so I wouldn't sweat it.

    If you want to make double-sure that you've pulled everything from the discs after you did the install, you can put the disc in and use the Finder to get to "Install Bundled Software" and run that.

    Good luck!

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    cheers for the info guys

    I did get 2 discs with the iBook (ive not even opened them or looked at them tbh) so hopefully everything is on there then,

    Ill do a erase and install then double check it with finder (im not bothered about demos as I have not put them in the advert as being on there anyway - if there were any lol)

    Thanks again

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