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    No Drive activity LED's on Macbook
    Ok, I am a long time windows user and just bought a macbook and love it. The only thing I dont like is that there is no HS or Optical drive activity LED's on it. I never know if when I have a pause if the Hard Drive is running or when my optical drive is. Does anyone know of a program that will display these on the desktop? Thanks for any help!

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    Apparently, iStat pro will do this for you.
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    istatpro is a widgit so its still an app.... you need a computer thats able to load p your dashboard. If your stuck its not that much help... as the lds that are in question simply dont exist. But..... did you know that theres a button on your battery to tell you its charge with 5 leds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSebastianGrey View Post
    Apparently, iStat pro will do this for you.

    There is also the iStat App, which is an actuall program that can be
    a) always on top
    b)always on bottom
    c) pinned to desktop

    There is also menu meters, which will act more like leds because no matter what is on the screen you will still see them, and they take up no screen real estate because they are on the menu bar.
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