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    Can't Get Zip Drive To Mount On Desktop
    So, I have a bunch of 100mb zip disks that i use for my drum machine (mpc2000xl) and i just got a 250 mb usb zip drive.

    i can't get os X to mount it on the desktop. it IS recognized by system profiler as an iomega zip drive, but, as i said, it will not mount, regardless of what type of disk i put in it (and it won't eject them either, i have to manually eject them with a straightened paper clip)

    i talked to one guy who said that he uses one... so it is compatible, in theory.

    my hope is that i can find someone familiar enough with console to tell me how to force mount a usb device to the desktop so i can manipulate the drive, format disks, etc.

    if anyone has any ideas or can direct me somewhere else i'd really appreciate, i've been racking my brain on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iomega

    If the Zip disk does not mount when inserted, please check the following:

    1. Make sure your Iomega drive is connected directly to the computer. Remove the Zip drive from any hubs or other devices - if daisy chained - and try mounting the disk again. You may be having problems with another device connected to the computer that is causing the Iomega drive to not detect properly.

    2. Check the Apple System Profiler application and make sure your Macintosh computer's USB or FireWire ports are working properly. To do this go to Applications > Utilities > Open System Profiler and look for the USB and 1394 sections.

    3. If your Iomega drive came with a power cable, try connecting the power cable to the drive. Even though some Iomega drives are designed to be host powered, your Macintosh computer may not be providing enough power through the data cable to operate the drive. You can also try removing other host powered USB/FireWire devices as they may be taking away available power.

    4. The format on your Iomega Zip disk may be corrupt and you may need to reformat the media. WARNING: Reformatting the disk will erase all files on the disk. Use the Mac OS X Disk Utility to reformat the disk. To do this go to Applications > Utilities > Open Disk Utility > Select the Zip disk from the list and click the Erase button.
    The above per the site.
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    I don't see that anyone ever answered this.
    I'm having the same problem and am trying to figure out what the problem is and how to get the drive to mount.

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    The drive will not mount unless there is a readable disk inserted. Have you tried it that way?

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    Does the light come on the Zip Drive when you plug the USB cable into your Mac? When I had a USB Zip250 drive to transfer my samples, it would take from 30 seconds to a minute for OS Leopard to recognize the drive on my MBP.
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    I remember when zip drives were the best thing since sliced bread.

    It's just amazing to me how useless once cool technology becomes, and how short its coolness lasts.

    Last time I saw a zip disc was when I was throwing away about 50 of them and the drive I used them with.

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