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    Blue tooth mouse?
    I noticed that there is bluetooth mouse support in my Macbook..

    I really need a PC style mouse for using XP in parrallels..

    So will any Bluetooth mouse work with the MACBOOK?

    Are all bluetooth mice created on a standard protical?


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    Yes, any USB/BT mouse should work with your MACBOOK :black:

    (sorry, I just found it silly that it was capitalized on one line and not the other :black: )
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    Well, I got a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse, and Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard for use with my Macbook, and they work great! I actually take the Mouse with me to use when I'm in the office. Seems to work very well with XP in Parallells.

    Some people have complained that it's too expensive, and the right click doesn't work well if you have two fingers on the mouse, but I feel that's kind of the way it's supposed to work so I accomodate it just fine.

    Otherwise, yeah any bluetooth mouse will work with the built-in bluetooth.

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    I got a little Kensington Pilot Mouse Mini (Bluetooth) -- worked great.

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    This is what I use. I like it's smaller size for portabliity. It works great with any Bluetooth Mac. Never had an issue with it on both my imac G5, iBook G4 and Core Duo Mac Mini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
    This is what I use. I like it's smaller size for portabliity. It works great with any Bluetooth Mac. Never had an issue with it on both my imac G5, iBook G4 and Core Duo Mac Mini.
    I second the V270 (linked above). It is a great little bluetooth mouse, and since there is already BT built-in to the macbook, it saves you a USB port.

    it has a good weight/feel. I have been using mine pretty consistently since I got it at christmas (i basically never turn it off) and i still havent had to change the batteries.

    highly recommended, and a lot cheaper than the BT mighty mouse (which i am not that big of a fan of, anyway).

    search for the v270 on, they seem to have the best prices.

    Also, it works perfectly with XP in boot camp or parallels.

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