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    Unhappy HELP!, only restarts and asks to be restarted over and over
    I got my new macbook today , been away from apple a long time since the imac.. first gen .. but used osx a bit and decided with the intel and bootcamp to take the plunge again , got it all loaded up bootcamp installed, running parrallells, I was sin awe at the speed and just giddy... and the macbook froze up...

    Nothing worked to get it out of its funk.. so i hard powered it down by holding the power putton in for a few seconds , repowered it up and now all it will do is come up to a screen saying it need to be restarted, restart and it does the same again over and over, I also tries loading the OSX install discs does the same thing..

    Its a white macbook, intel core 2 due 2ghz with 2gb ram and 80gig HD, with a superdrive

    ANy one got any ideas ,.. need to get it running soon I fly out tomorrow

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    OK i tried everything..

    Here is what i found..

    I booted the OSX CD in Hardware test mode.. this all checks out fine, cant boot it anyother way..

    I boot in Single user mode by doing command s on boot, and then did a checkdisk.. all is good there type exit to exit and it gives me a panic message

    Panic(cpu 1 caller 0x001a31ce) Unresolved Kernal Trap (cpu 1 Type 14=pagefault), Registers:
    Then list a bunch of addresses..

    I am able to boot a Bart PE CD (preinstall enviroment of Win XP)

    ANy Ideas why OSX and the OSX installer on the CD wont run?


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    even though the hardware tests say all is good, this is clearly not the case. I would take 1 gb of ram out, test it again.. if still having the problems, put that ram back in, and take the other stick out... it is very possible that one or your sticks is bad (also likely that both are bad, but this way you may be able to narrow it down to the ram itself and not another component of the computer) if it stops having the problem after a particular stick of ram is out.. then that stick is doa, you should call apple and have them replace the stick for you. If you can not solve the problem, another component of your computer is most likely doa, and you should still call apple and send in yoru computer for service / replacement .
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    Well Im now in the airport catching my flight without the macbook, the wife is going to acall techsupport and get it taken care of while im away.. Hopefully apple will get me a replacement or fix it before I return..

    I guess I would rather have issues up front instead of when the laptop is out of warranty.. I kNow hardware pretty well.. Its got a to be hardware in there even though the hardware test came up clean..

    Any way i cant trouble shoot it now while im on the road so just hoping apple takes the right steps to get me a working macbook ASAP..

    ALl i have to say is the 5 hours it was functioning , it was perfect and parallells is way impressive , could not believe the speed of XP running in a window on the destop.. simply AMAZING, Im hooked after playig around for a few hours.. Guess Ill never buy a PC again.. >> Unless apple ports OSX for any ordinary PC.


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    Feb 06, 2007
    Well talked to the wife tonight she spent a hour on the phone with tech support doing all the things i tried and they came to the same conclusion especially when they came to the Panic message from the system in SU mode..

    SO the mac book is being sent to them for repair.. SHould be about 7 days till i get it back..

    Really sucks, It like the drug dealer that gives you a taste, then you just want more Oh well hopefully my macbook comes back in tip top shape and wont give me any more issues for a long time.

    Later ,

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