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    ya gotta hear this one
    someone at school yesterday had their ibook right. well evidentally that got mad they thought they had a book in there hand, well it was a book an ibook well they took the ibook which was opened and flung it to the ground. when it hit the ground they looked down and there was a little suprise, there ibook with the screan and the body in two seperate places with a cracked screan a ripped off hinge and a torn off keybord broken airport broken disc drive even the trackpad was coming loose. The idiot started to cry at first i felt sorry for him then i relized what a dumbass to hurl his ibook to the floor.

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    thats why i would never buy a laptop

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    He was lucky it was a laptop. He could have slipped a disk hurling a Windtunnel onto the floor.

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    Well one good thing is that he'll probably not lose his temper and throw things again.. at least not until he has inspected what he is throwing.. by that time hopefully he has cooled down a bit. that has got to hurt.

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