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    Question DVD burning
    I have a quick question. Say I want to burn 3GB of data on to a standard 4.7 GB DVD+RW. Can I later use up those 1.7GB of empty space (after I finished burning) if I decide I want to burn more stuff onto it later on say about a week or more. Basically instead of using another DVD to burn 1.7GB can I just burn that amount of data onto the first one so I can use it up 100% Sorry if it sounds confusing

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    DVD discs are pretty cheap. What is the issue here? Sure you can keep the disc open but close it and don't worry about it. Unless you only have one disc. Safer not to burn to the maximum of the disc anyway. i have had a few discs that I wrote to the max and they can't be read now.
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    There isn't exactly 4.7Gb available on DVD discs anyway ... it's just down to marketing ... they look at bytes, megabytes, gigabytes as being round numbers, eg 1000.

    But 1024 bytes = 1Mb, so it just doesn't add up like they would have you believe.

    There is about 4.37Gb per DVD.

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    This might be what you're trying to achieve -

    not too sure if it works on DVD's, haven't tried myself yet.

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