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    upgrading graphics?
    Hi, anyone know if its possible to upgrade from having a shared gma chipset 64vram as supplied with the standard white macbook to a dedicated graphics card as found on the more expensive macbook pros eg, ati radeon x1600 or better?
    Anybody out there asked apple if such upgrades are available or am I looking to buy a new machine?

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    You can not upgrade the graphics in a macbook
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    Sorry, as you already know, its shared, and you can't change that, but you can always improve the graphics by adding more RAM.

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    Not really, the integrated graphics in the MacBooks only use 64MB of RAM, so no matter how much RAM you have, it will only use 64MB of it.
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    That's not entirely true. The Macbook ensures a minimum of 64MB VRAM and caps it at that during startup, but everythign I have read says it can use more RAM as aplications demand it. In fact system monitor results bear this out - easy to get it reporting upwards of 128MB being consumed if you have 2G ram in your macbook.

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