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    Constant hard drive activity, please stop!!
    Powerbook Titanium 667mhz
    Mac 0S 10.4

    A really annoying problem's crept into my powerbook, the hard drive has started to sound like it's constantly working at something even when no apps are running. This is continuous from start-up to shut down.

    The issue began when i tried to remove 4 or 5 software apps out of the 'Classic OS 9 Apps' folder to free up space, apps that i no longer use. I copied each app folder onto an external hard-drive (in case i needed them in the future) and deleted the original app folders from my powerbook hard-drive. Then the noise started! I figuered the machine must be constantly searching for something that's not there anymore and quickly figuered removing these apps was worth more hassle than the 500mb space it free'd up so i copied them all back. The noise now remains!

    What is my hard-drive doing and how do i stop it's torturous whirring and creaking??



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    Mine does the same thing. It just randomly started doing it however. If you find out anything, post back please!

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    Get (a free program) and run all the maintenance and rebuilding tasks. Sounds like maybe one of the database indexes still may have references to those apps and it's trying to locate them. While youre at it, just go down the list and run all its utilities to clean everything back up and clear the gunk. If you have a photo on your login screen, you'll have to reset it after running the cache clearing utility, but it is worth doing every few months.

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