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    Macbook + mighty mouse not auto connecting?
    Hi I have a Macbook, an Apple wireless keyboard and Mighty Mouse. I take my Mac home with me on a night, but when I return the next morning the keyboard/mouse has lost connection! I have to reboot OS X..

    Its a bit frustrating. Is there anyway around it?

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    just click on it and will connect it again
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    More accurately, click it several times. It'll connect. I also thought you had to go through the whole device discovery thing, but found a little later that you don't.

    It's nice to have that USB port freed up.

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    Yes, but what if said devices don't connect even after clicking several times and after several device on-off cycles? The batteries are fine, the mouse is not broken, but very frequently, my mouse will not reconnect to the computer. Sure, I *could* use the trackpad to go to the bluetooth menu and specifically choose "Connect," but I refuse to do so as a matter of principle.

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