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    Please help..quick question
    Sorry to bother you, but I am a little worried I might have hurt my macbook. I was about to import a CD and had the macbook on my lap. My mother called for me so I moved the macbook from my lap to my night table and a buzzing sound came from the drive. At this point the copying process stopped and it did not want to cancel out. The cd did not want to eject either. I had to hold down the power till it shutdown the hard way and then I held the eject button when I started it. I got a blank screen for a bit then the disk popped out.

    Did I damage my baby in any way?


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    Does your Macbook boot up properly now that you have the CD out? It could have just been a really cheap CD. I noticed that some CDs in my MBP are really touchy when I move the machine around, you can notice differences in noise levels.

    As long as your Macbook is still working fine I don't think you have anything to worry about

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    Yeah, mine does this too.. just don't move it around too much with a CD in the drive. It has never caused any problems but might screw up a burn process.

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    Thanks guys. Everything is as it should be. I just thought I might have broken something.

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