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    Ahhh, the noise.. help!
    Wow, I just heard the scariest sound in the world. I went to burn a CD in iTunes, but after I put the CD in, I heard a load sound come from the disk drive.. and after 20 seconds of it I hit the power button. I dont know what caused it, but if anything like that happens again.. is there any Ctrl Alt Delete style techniques you can use to get out without having to reboot? Also, does anybody know what could have made that go off? Thanks

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    it could have been the type of disc. some very cheap discs make horrible noices.

    for a ' ctrl + alt + del ' on mac open activity monitor or go down to your dock and right click on the application and click quit or force quit.

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    command-option-escape to bring up the 'Force Quit' dialog if you can't get it to respond.

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