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    Audio Line-In Not Audible
    Hi, I just purchased a new MacBook recently and have tried using it with Serato Scratch Live. The program runs fine, but I am having a problem with the audio line in. While I can plug my mixer's output into another computer and hear the audio, when I plug it into my MacBook I cannot hear anything. The strange thing is that when I go to sound in System Preferences, the audio input is detected in the 'input level' graph. I have an RCA to 1/8" adapter coming out of my mixer and plugged into the small jack next to the headphone out.

    If anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appeciated.

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    The input is probably set to the mic. Go to sound in the preferences menu.

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    The input level graph might be just showing you what is coming in through the built in mic of your Mac. Be sure to select the line-in from the list in the input tab.
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    Nah, it was set to line-in in audio in system preferences. I just had to open a program like garage band and 'create an instrument' in order to monitor the line in on my macbook.
    I was a bit confused because windows will play back any sound passed through the line in port without opening any programs.

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