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    Dual dVI display?
    Is there a DVI version of this, that works with Macbook Pro so I can have dual DVI displays?

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    You would just use the DVI to VGA adapter that was included with your MBP and a VGA cable to connect to this device. Or get a DVI to VGA cable.

    Looks like it should work, but whether you can get it in the UK or not???
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    I was investigating this question, too, as I prepare to switch to a Mac. I've been thinking about he 24" iMac and eliminating my dual dispaly (or keeping a 20" LCD to the side), or going with a MBP if I could use dual displays (not the MBP screen). Thanks for the link to this product review. In addition, I found the following page on MAxtor's site which shows compatibility to the Macs (and even an option to hook up 3 screens). Looks like about $150-$170 online, depending on the store.

    Is anyone using this with a MB or MBP?

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    I THINK we use these maxtors at school. let me say that again I THINK we use maxtors at school
    I'm thinking about buying one for my computer.

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    Or you could wait for OSX drivers for this baby and pick up a USB hub:

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