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    A question about purchasing RAM
    I went to RAM seeker and I found a couple different prices for RAM. The cheapest was here:

    However, for $30 I can go with the site everyone keeps recommending to me.

    Is it worth the $30 more to get it from Crucial or am I going to get the same RAM either way?

    I'm looking for a 512MB stick for an iBook G3 500MHz.


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    they usually beat everyones prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodorsean View Post

    they usually beat everyones prices.

    newegg is always a good place to check. It's where I have gone 1st for about 4 years now, and most of the time they end up with my $$$.

    As for your memory, personally just cannot recommend buying what some sites call OEM memory. Just have seen too many problems over the years with friends trying to save a buck on RAM. OEM in this case just means they are buying the cheapest memory they can find and it will be from different manufacturers at different times. So they call it OEM instead of having to update their page with the proper information regarding specific RAM.

    For my part would definitely pay an extra 1/3 to 1/2 more for one of the more well respected manufacturers. Crucial, Corsair, Mushkin and a very few others. As I am new to the Mac world, and almost all the recommendations I've seen here have been Crucial, this would be my first tendency and they are a respected manufacturer of RAM. Just remember if your memory doesn't work, your computer doesn't work, and to me this makes it worth while spending the extra money on this piece of hardware.
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    Great info bobtomay!!

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