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    Hard Drive Install Issue
    Well i picked up a new 120 GB hard drive to replace the 60 GB i had in my macbook.

    After removing 60 GB drive i put the bracket on the new 120 and slid it into the dock. I booted up the machine, put the OS X install disk in a began to reinstall OS X. After picking English as my language it then went to ask me to "Select a Destination" volume to install Mac OS X. Problem here is that i do not see any destination, no hard drive is showing up.

    Now this is a brand new drive and it was installed correctly. This is my first shot at doing this on a Mac there something i am missing?

    [Edit] I should mention that disk utility does see the new hard drive.

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    Have you tried using the disk utility to partition and format the drive?

    I just ordered myself a 120gb drive for my MacBook, Hope to get it next week.

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    yeah i realized right after i made the post that i did not set up a partition..dumb dumb dumb

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