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    Jan 06, 2007
    Fan makes noise when playing video games..
    Is it common for the MbookPro fan to start going crazy as soon as I start play computer games such as World of warcraft on it.

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    If its a standard whooshing noise thats nothing to worry about. the MBP fans start making audible noise around 4500RPM. if its a buzzing sound you might have a slipping bearing (fan dieing) and you should call apple about that. Laptop fans are expensive so i hope for your sake you have applecare, if not your probably looking at 50-75$ (CDN) plus about a half hour to an hour's worth of labour.

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    Yeah, mine blows like crazy when I am running SecondLife. It's the graphics rendering heating up the processor I guess.

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    fans are meant to make noise, im sure you have nothing to worry about while running a game.
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    yeah fans always make noise,, it makes noise when im rendering videos and graphics, it makes noise when i play games like warcraft or WoW, it even makes noise when i use an emulator like VBA. The powerbook also gets incredibly heated up,,, i nearly burnt my finger once touching the bottome of the screen

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