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    connecting powerbook g4 1gz to LCD tv
    If I download a movie or tv show to my powerbook, and want to display it on a 32" LCD tv monitor, that has a VGA port and an HDMI port, what connection makes the most sense, or what connection is possible? should I try a dvi to hdmi cable? there is also the apple dvi to vga adapter...the tv's manual suggests the vga connection, and setting my computer to 1360X768 at the ti book's system preferences, my choices are 1152X768 or 1280X854, not sure of the refresh rate...any advice? thank you for your time.

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    Your best bet is probably VGA. It is easy to get the adapter, and I think HDMI is overkill(not 100% sure) Use the largest resolution pissible. The bigger the better. No matter how high you can set it, it will probably still look pixelated on your TV though. Sounds cool though, good luck.
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    I'm using an S-Video cable at the moment to connect my PB G4 to a 32inch Samsung TV. The quality is almost exactly the same as the laptop but its in black and white for some reason and just can't figure out why......

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    HDMI makes the most sense. Get a DVI-D cable and a DVI to HDMI adaptor. I'm running this setup on my MacBook Pro connected to my Sharp 32" TV and it works awesome.

    If you use VGA, you will be converting Digital to Analog, then the TV will be converting the Analog back to Digital. Not the best solution. DVI/HDMI is a all digital connection.

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    I ended up going with a dvi to hdmi cable, connecting the ti book directly to the tv display monitor...after playing with the apple display calibration assistant, the picture quality is great...thanks.

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