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    Powerbook G4 HDD type
    Trying to find a hard drive for my friends powerbook G4. What type does it use? And whats the largest?
    Intel Macbook 1.83 ghz, 160 GB HDD (upgraded), 2 gb ram (upgraded).

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    Which model does your friend have...

    The PowerBook G4/400 & 500 both take 10 or 20 GB or 30 GB UltraATA-66, and the 550Mhz model took 20 GB IDE, 30 and 48 GB optional while the 667Mhz model had 30 GB IDE or 48 GB optional.

    I don't really know what the maximum you can add but I'm still searching.

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    As long as the HD is compatible I can't see why you can't choose any size to add to the PowerBook.

    The G4/400 & G4/500 need UltraATA-66 Hard Drives
    The G4/550 & G4/667 need IDE Hard Drive.

    After a bit of searching it seems that there are HD's out there which exceed the original HD specs so unless someone else can say otherwise it appears that size is no boundary as long as the type is right.

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    12" G3 ibook, 15" 1.67ghz powerbook, 15" 800mhz DVI powerbook
    I know this is old, but people are still looking for answers and come across it.

    just check Mac Specs, Prices, Answers, & More @ - Established 1996 for drive specifics.

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