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    restore discs for a G4 ibook being used on a G3 ibook?
    ok, so ive got a G3 500 mhz ibook snow just in... got a great deal on it, and its for my brother. it came with panther installed and id like to do a clean install. this is my issue....

    i used to own a G4 1ghz ibook. well, i no longer have it, but i do still have the original restore discs that came with it. im curious if i can use the original install discs of the G4 ibook on a G3 ibook? is that gonna cause some issues or jack the ibook up or something? thanks.

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    Should't be a problem. I believe the iBook G4's shipped with 10.3 restore discs so.

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    x2 ...

    It doesn't matter what you have in general ... if your machine can run the os and apps your fine. In your case, you should be able to run 10.3 but I believe it'll run somewhat slowly...

    If you do install it and this is the case you can usually find a good deal on e-bay on a set of panther recover cd's

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